Brian Boyer won awards.

I don’t care much about awards. They measure if you’ve impressed your peers, not your audience. But in case you're interested...

Brian Boyer on stage at the Emmy awards.
Photo by Kainaz Amaria.

The list

None of the works below were made by any one person — certainly not by myself alone. What follows is a list of award-winning projects I edited, designed, reported, coded, or was otherwise closely involved with.

The Visuals team

National Public Radio (2012-2016)

2015 Portfolio, NPR Visuals

A portfolio, including: Rain Forest Was Here, A Photo I Love Featuring Astronaut Reid Wiseman, also #spacetweets, The Unthinkable

A Brother and Sister In Love
The Truth About America’s Graduation Rate
Rain Forest Was Here
Life After Death
Look At This
Grave Science
Songs We Love 2014
Election Party
2014 Portfolio, NPR Visuals

A portfolio, including This Is Color, Election Party, The End Of Neighborhood Schools, Demolished, Songs We Love 2014, The Best Commencement Speeches, Ever, Borderland, Stressed Out: Americans Tell Us About Stress In Their Lives

Planet Money Makes A T-shirt
Previously, On Arrested Development
The Re-Election of Barack Obama
The Deadly Tornado In Moore, Oklahoma

The Newsapps team

Chicago Tribune (2009-2012)

Across the Border, Beyond the Law

A package, including Fugitives from justice: Roman Catholic priests

Illinois School Report Cards
Walking Into Danger

A package, including Attempted child abductions by a stranger in Chicago, March 2008 - September 2010

Compromised Care

A package, including Illinois nursing home safety reports

Agent Orange: A lethal legacy
Body-of-work/team/personal recognition

The Internship

ProPublica (2009)


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