Brian Boyer speaks & writes.

I speak and write and lead workshops on process, product, journalism and the jobs of a manager. Here are some favorites.

Brian Boyer leading a Chicas Poderosas workshop in 2013.
Leading a Chicas Poderosas workship in 2013. Photo by Fiorella Coto Segnini


Show your love, on building membership-powered newsrooms
Newsgeist 2018

Why we ditched AMP (and other UX choices we made for launching membership)
Wordcamp for Publishers 2018

Roles & Goals: Explicit is better than implicit.
Transcript | Slides | Links and worksheets

Our impact is empathy
Frank Gathering 2016

If it doesn't work on mobile, it doesn't work.
Coding for the Future, WVU 2013

Craft is useful!
ISOJ 2012


Design at NPR: Why Should I Carebot? and That One Free Tool

Rules are awesome and GTFO (Because our behavior defines what's normal!)

How We Work, an NPR Visuals manifesto

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